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Maastricht UniversityBuilding Resilience and Adaptive Governance voltijd Maastricht
The course aims to develop an interdisciplinary perspective on resilience and adaptive governance in the light of social-ecological crises and environmental change.
Maastricht UniversityBusiness & Economics in Europe voltijd Maastricht
The programme is designed to give business and economics students a greater understanding of the international business practices in Europe and the economic policies of the European Union.
Maastricht UniversityCertificate Courses in Health Education voltijd Amersfoort
A programme of Certificate Courses in Health Professions Education has been introduced, in order to cater for participants at the level of course organisers.
Maastricht UniversityComparative Analysis of Global News Coverage voltijd 
This course will examine current events and the way they are covered in a variety of media outlets around the world, looking at framing, bias, stereotypes, context, story structure and placement.
Maastricht UniversityComparative Migration Policy voltijd Maastricht
The goal of this course is to make students familiar with different types of migration policies and the causes and consequences of these policies.
Maastricht UniversityComparative Regionalism voltijd Maastricht
This course will take over from the theory-oriented introductory course 'Introduction to Regions' to explore practices of regional cooperation in different parts of the world.
Maastricht UniversityCountry Risk Analysis: Growth Potential, Economic Policy and External Finances of Emerging Markets voltijd 
Maastricht UniversityCreating health literate societies: bridging the gap of inequality voltijd 
The aim of the course is to equip students with health literacy leadership skills to play an active role as professionals in creating health literate societies.
Maastricht UniversityCurriculum and Course Design in Medical Education voltijd Amersfoort
Participants will learn how to systematically design a course or educational programme.
Maastricht UniversityData Collection and Analysis for Migration Studies voltijd Maastricht
The goal of this course is to ensure that students are both comfortable with and capable of using the major data methodologies in migration studies.
Maastricht UniversityDe kracht van service innovatie voltijd Maastricht
In deze cursus ligt de focus op het leren en toepassen van het strategisch stappenplan om klantgericht te innoveren in combinatie met hands-on tools en het werken aan je eigen bedrijfscasus.
Maastricht UniversityDutch Art History voltijd 
The course is about Dutch art – with an emphasis on painting.
Maastricht UniversityEconomics of European Integration - Challenges, policies & practices in the European Business Environment voltijd 
The course discusses the key economic policy areas of the European Union and offers an analysis of the different approaches to regional economic integration throughout the history of the European Unio
Maastricht UniversityEffectief Leiderschap voltijd Maastricht
Krijg meer inzicht in jezelf en je relatie met anderen en vergroot hiermee jouw impact
Maastricht UniversityEntrepreneurship: it's all about creating value voltijd 
This course will give you tools how you can (or must) rewrite your business model by breaking down patterns and routines.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Public Health in a Globalising World - introducing policy, research and practice from a European healthcare, disease prevention and health promotion perspective voltijd 
The course provides an overview of modern health challenges in Europe and how they are embraced by a variety of stakeholders: policy makers, researchers, practitioners and the civil society.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Society & History voltijd Maastricht
The European Society & History programme is for students who want to study important societal issues of our time from a European perspective.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean welfare state: current challenges and perspectives voltijd 
This course deals with the social policy characteristics of the European welfare state.
Maastricht UniversityEvidence-Based Policy Research Methods voltijd 
The course equips students with tools to design and analyse evidence-based research. They learn to design a research proposal, analyse data, academic writing and dissemination of research.
Maastricht UniversityFoundation Programme voltijd Maastricht
The Maastricht University Foundation Programme prepares motivated international students to make them eligible to apply for a Bachelor's programme at Maastricht University.
Maastricht UniversityGeopolitical Framing Analysis: National Images, World Views and Global Dividing Lines voltijd 
This course teaches you the skills to study geopolitical framing, which concerns the construction of similarities, differences and connections between states.
Maastricht UniversityGeopolitical Scenario Planning: National Security, Geo-Economics and Foreign Policy Strategy voltijd 
This course teaches you the skills to study geopolitical drivers of inter-state conflicts, write scenarios for these conflicts and assess the impact of these scenarios on the foreign policy strategy o
Maastricht UniversityHistory, Culture & Arts in Europe voltijd Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityHistory, Culture and Arts in Europe voltijd Maastricht
History, Culture and Arts in Europe invites you to investigate Europe by exploring artistic movements and social history, as well as philosophical and cultural ideas, from a European perspective
Maastricht UniversityHuman Trafficking and Sexual Violence in Conflict: Achievements, Challenges and Ways Forward voltijd 
All around the world, numerous men, women, boys and girls suffer the harsh consequences of human trafficking and sexual violence in conflict.
Maastricht UniversityInnovation and Development Patterns around the Globe voltijd Maastricht
The goal for the student is to gain understanding about the variety of development patterns and industrial policies across the global economy.
Maastricht UniversityInnovation and the Global Income Distribution voltijd Maastricht
The goals is for the students to become acquainted with the basic economic facts and theories about globalization.
Maastricht UniversityInnovation Systems in the Global Economy voltijd Maastricht
The goal of the course is for the students to gain a theoretical and empirical understanding of innovation systems.
Maastricht UniversityIntercultural Communication voltijd 
Maastricht UniversityInternational Business: Transatlantic Trade and Investment voltijd 
This course focuses on recent trends in European Union (EU) trade with the United States in goods and services and in foreign direct investment (FDI).
Maastricht UniversityInternational Environmental Law voltijd Maastricht
The program takes a fundamental approach to discussing the role of international law.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Executive Master of Auditing voltijd 
Maastricht UniversityInternational Finance and Control Campus voltijd Maastricht
Een cursus speciaal voor financiële professionals (met name RC en RA) die moeten voldoen aan hun PE verplichting. De thema's zijn: innovatie, veranderen en persoonlijke impact.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Intellectual Property Law and Policy voltijd Maastricht
International Intellectual Property Law and Policy
Maastricht UniversityInternational Relations and Politics in the EU voltijd Maastricht
The European Union (EU) was created in the wake of the Second World War, largely to prevent further mass conflict by focusing on economic and political integration.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Trade: Theory, Policy, Environment and Development voltijd Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityIntroduction to European Public Policy voltijd 
This course will focus on public policy practices, specifically within a European context.
Maastricht UniversityIntroduction to Migration Studies voltijd Maastricht
The goal of this course is to give a broad overview of migration studies, the major theories of the movement of people (and money) and familiarity with country cases.
Maastricht UniversityIntroduction to Regions voltijd Maastricht
This course provides students with the theoretical foundation required to understand and study regions and processes of regional integration.
Maastricht UniversityJournalistiek en effectief schrijven voltijd 
Deze Summerschoolcursus is een mooie inleiding in effectief schrijven.
Maastricht UniversityLaw and Literature voltijd 
Law is a fundamental component of society and it also plays an important role in the creation of fictional scenarios within literature.
Maastricht UniversityLaw and Politics: current topics in the European Union voltijd 
This course is targeted at students particularly interested in exploring the history and development of European integration
Maastricht UniversityLeadership and Management in a Global World voltijd 
The course is about leadership, strategy and change in a global business context.
Maastricht UniversityLeren, Innoveren en presteren in Organisaties voltijd Maastricht
Uitgangspunt van deze cursus is het idee dat je met een andere aanpak meer uit de mensen in je organisatie kunt halen. Daarbij draait het om de vraag wat het lerend vermogen van je organisatie is.
Maastricht UniversityMaastricht Summer School voltijd 
Experience inspiring courses, a cosmopolitan classroom, a historic city, the sun, the smiles – the Maastricht Summer School.
Maastricht UniversityMasterclass Assessment of Professional Competence voltijd Amersfoort
The focus in this advanced course will be on (new) messages from assessment research and how to translate insights to assessment (design), including programmatic assessment.
Maastricht UniversityMedical Ethics - Moral health care dilemmas and choices from a European Perspective voltijd 
The aim of this course is to give students an introductory and philosophical investigation of the question if, when and how ethical considerations can or must play a role in the practice of the medica
Maastricht UniversityMigration and Remittance Effects voltijd Maastricht
The goal of this course is to explore both the positive and negative effects of migration and remittances in the migrant sending and receiving countries.
Maastricht UniversityMigration Management Diploma Programme voltijd Maastricht
The course will equip participants with a range of new skills and insights, as well as practical and interactive experiences of how to apply the latest knowledge in the field of migration management.
Maastricht UniversityMindful Leadership: Responsibility and Positive Development voltijd 
This introductory course will combine the best of two worlds: studying leadership and leadership development.
Maastricht UniversityOrganisational Sustainability voltijd 
This unit critically evaluates the intentions, practices and outcomes of organisational sustainability initiatives.
Maastricht UniversityPolitical Risk Analysis: Domestic Factors, International Relations and Economic Impact Assessment voltijd 
This course teaches you the skills to analyse political risk drivers and their impact on the economic growth potential of Emerging Markets.
Maastricht UniversityPolitics, Law & International Relations in Europe voltijd Maastricht
Our programme offers students a greater understanding of the current European political and legal issues by examining national agendas, opposition to political union and the roles of NATO and the UN.
Maastricht UniversityPositive Psychology voltijd Maastricht
The positive psychological movement is concerned with preventative care, its focus is on building positive qualities to prevent future problems as opposed to repairing damage of the past or present.
Maastricht UniversityPositive Psychology - Course voltijd 
The course, POS2002 Positive Psychology, will start with a general introduction to the field of positive psychology.
Maastricht UniversityPostdoctorale opleiding tot Registeraccountant voltijd 
Maastricht UniversityPsychology & Neuroscience in Europe voltijd Maastricht
The Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe programme offers students insight into the latest topics in European psychology research.
Maastricht UniversityPublic Health & Medicine in Europe voltijd Maastricht
The programme is for students studying public health, biology, life sciences or medicine who are interested in public health policy-making and studying medicine in a European context
Maastricht UniversityQuantitative Techniques for Social Protection Policy Design voltijd Maastricht
The objective of this course is to give the students the knowledge necessary to establish a social accounting system, undertake social budget projections and use actuarial analysis for policy making.
Maastricht UniversityRegionalism and Multi-Level Governance voltijd Maastricht
This course will approach the phenomenon of multi-level governance from both analytical and empirical perspectives.
Maastricht UniversityResearch Seminar: Topical Issues in Comparative Regionalism voltijd Maastricht
This course will take the format of a seminar to introduce themes and hot topics in the current research on regional integration and multi-level governance.
Maastricht UniversityRisk and Vulnerability Assessment voltijd Maastricht
The course aims to advance the knowledge about risks and vulnerabilities of societies exposed to natural hazards and climate change.
Maastricht UniversityRisk Communication voltijd Maastricht
The course aims to advance the knowledge about risk communication, arguably a crucial but neglected and misunderstood aspect of risk analysis.
Maastricht UniversityRisk Management in Crisis Situations voltijd Maastricht
Risk management
Maastricht UniversityScience, Technology and Innovation Policy voltijd Maastricht
The goal of the course is for students to understand the rationale, working and evaluation of innovation policy instruments.
Maastricht UniversityService Innovation and Design voltijd 
Innovation is one of the most important issues in business research today, as it is fundamental for sustainable business success.
Maastricht UniversitySimulated & Standardized Patients voltijd Amersfoort
A truly international course for SP-educators that gives you the opportunity to meet and work with international colleagues shaping simulated patients' education around the globe.
Maastricht UniversitySocial movements and Protest Politics voltijd 
Maastricht UniversitySummer Course: Academic Skills and acculturation course for non-EU students voltijd Maastricht
This course is designed to help you to adapt to the Problem Based Learning environment and explore academic communication skills required at Maastricht University.
Maastricht UniversitySummer Programme in European Studies voltijd Maastricht
The six-week Summer Programme in European Studies (SES) is designed for adventurous students looking for an authentic European study experience while earning credits towards their major.
Maastricht UniversityTextual Media Analysis: Critical Discourse Analysis, News Framing and Qualitative Research Design voltijd 
This course teaches you the skills to study the possible meanings of media texts.
Maastricht UniversityThe Business Environment in Latin America: Institutions, Politics and Society voltijd 
Maastricht UniversityThe European Union: Peace, Conflicts and Human Rights voltijd 
This course will examine the politics of EU foreign relations and the politics of human rights in the EU.
Maastricht UniversityThe Global Social Challenge: Beyond Poverty & Inequality voltijd Maastricht
This course presents the students with a wide range of concepts, definitions, and theories of poverty and inequality.
Maastricht UniversityUnderstanding Social Protection voltijd Maastricht
This course presents a comprehensive introduction to social protection policy. It provides an overview of the development of the main issues, theories and practices.
Maastricht UniversityVerandermanagement voltijd Maastricht
In deze cursus leer je vanuit hele verschillende perspectieven naar veranderen te kijken. Je krijgt inzicht in de dynamiek van veranderprocessen en leert hoe je daar adequaat op kunt inspelen.
Maastricht UniversityVisual Media Analysis: News Photos, Text-Image Relations and Multimodal Discourses/Frames voltijd 
This course teaches you the skills to interpret news images and related sentences, captions and headlines.
Maastricht UniversityWriting a PhD Research Proposal voltijd Maastricht
The aim of the course is for participants to learn how to write a high quality PhD research proposal consisting of a series of studies that are of interest to international peer reviewed journals.